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Welcome to your site! This is your homepage, which is what most visitors will see when they come to your site for the first time.


July 30, 2017

Hi family and friends,

Marie Masi Milliner (my sister) has been recently diagnosed with an aggressive type of breast cancer.  She started chemotherapy this Friday, August 4, 2017 and will have about 3 months of weekly treatments followed by surgery. Surgery (bilateral mastectomy) is planned for November and then another year of chemotherapy.  Marc, her husband of 39 years, had forced retirement this year due to his company’s downsizing. Marie is a full-time teacher and must continue to work to get medical benefits. Marie and Marc, who live in North Carolina,  have full custody of Ava, their delightful 3 year old granddaughter.

Sara, Erica (my daughters), Brandy (daughter in law) and I have been brainstorming on ways to support Marie and Marc through this incredible challenge. Many have asked me what they can do to help. I am putting it out to you who might want to participate in any of the following ways:

This is what we have going so far:

  1. Mail bag. You all (and even people who don’t know her) can help with this one. In her chemo bag will be a “mail box”. Each week , Tina will send notes to her that you all write. Marie will read them while she is at chemo. Some of her chemo treatments will be 7 hours long. You send a picture and write anything short or long… limericks, letters, one liners..etc. to Tina (tand3girls@gmail.com) . Tina will create a “postcard” out of it and send to Marc who will fill the mail bag each week.  Any of you creative people want to make a mail pouch for the chemo bag to put these notes/letters in?  Will use a large zip lock for now.
  2. Looking for a clever, creative uplifting thing for the letters “chemo” to use on her bag etc. Erica is the point person. 
  3. Snacks for her chemo bag. Would like things that would help her get through the day. Things that might keep her stomach settled. Provide nutrition. Fun. Somebody could look into this. Need a point person.
  4. Personalized deck of cards for chemo bag. Sara point person. Other games? Done
  5. Music for her to listen to and relax during chemo. Not sure how to do this. She does have an iPad and Kindle I believe. Point person? 
  6. Prayer chain. Need a point person. Linda is point person
  7. We have set up to provide at least 1 meal a week on the night of chemotherapy.  My daughter, Sara is the point person. You would put the order in and pay the restaurant directly.  If you chose a place that does not deliver, Marc, will pick it up. Remember there are only two adults and one toddler to feed. The calendar has more information on it to make it easy for people to cover a meal. Email Sara Masi Schroeder (sara.schroeder234@gmail.com) for access info if you wish to participate.
  8. A bank account has been set up for anyone who would like to send a gift but doesn’t know what or how. Marie and Marc will have access and use the funds for the many extra expenses they now have. Marie will lose a day’s salary every week at least through all of this and much more after surgery. And this is only if she remains strong and free of complications. This is a great way to help out. You can specify what you would like the gift to be used for or just state general purposes. Donate by using clearXchange online and send to my address (rosannemarquis@gmail.com) If you need any help or want verification please contact me. I am happy to help.
  9. Send this out to those that I do not have on the list that you notice. For instance I don’t have Chris Needham, Amanda Milliner, Taylor Milliner,  Jane Downs,  Chuck Marchetti,  Richard Needham , Chris Scarfo email address. Feel free to send this out to them and anyone else that you might think would be interested in pitching in.  You never know whose lives have been touched by breast cancer and who might want to give back. I don’t have any addresses for her friends in North Carolina.
  10. I need everybody to do this now or get involved in some way.  It can be a very little thing.  You can email me in anyway that it helps you out. Let me know your thoughts. Suggestions.  Remember…  Studies have shown that doing for others boosts your immune system (which fights inflammation and disease) and fights depression. 
  11. Family cancer history document. I am working on this. If anyone has any info of themselves or other family, please let me know.

Thanks for helping Marie get through this!


Rosanne Masi Marquis

805.325. 8053